Full papers (MS Word documents) should be submitted by 20 December 2021, via EasyChair.

Detailed instruction for paper preparation and submission must be respected. Paper template. 

All papers will be reviewed (at least by two reviewers, members of GNP 2022 Scientific Committee). Authors will be notified by 20 January 2022 about paper acceptance, rejection, or reviewers’ recommendations for paper corrections. Corrected papers will be reviewed again. 

Positively reviewed papers, accepted by Scientific Committee, submitted in time (first version: by 20 December 2021; version corrected in line with the reviewers’ comments: by 5 February 2022) and completely prepared according to the Instruction for paper preparation and submission will be published in GNP 2022 Proceedings. Registration fee payment proof must also be submitted (upload during the registration process or e-mail submission, via, in order the paper to be included in the Conference Proceedings. One author may publish two papers (co-authored by other persons) at one registration fee.

NOTE:  All authors are advised to follow information about possible date changes, i.e. deadlines postponing, on page Key Dates.


Young colleagues – students and engineers born after 1 March 1996 – are invited to submit papers in the special category of student paper. Professors and older engineers may not be authors of these papers, i.e. all authors and co-authors have to be born after 1 March 1996. Papers positively reviewed by Scientific Committee will be published in GNP 2022 Proceedings, marked as a student paper. All authors and co-authors of papers in this category have to prove their age by a scanned copy of their id documents (e.g. passport). 

Authors of papers in this category do not have to pay the registration fee. We would kindly ask you to inform Organising Committee (by e-mail,, about paper category (i.e. about paper belonging to the category of student paper) immediately after paper submission. Please, send copies of id documents in the same message. It is necessary in order to realise registration-fee-free publishing of paper, its presentation and participation in the conference. All authors of papers in this category who participate in the Conference will get the Conference Banquet ticket. Conference material will be provided according to the rule one paper = one material. The exception would be made for authors who submit two papers (written by only one author). Only one conference material will be provided for such authors. The same as other participants of GNP 2022 Conference, authors of papers in the category of student paper pay travel and accommodation costs by themselves.

In order to reward students for their early publishing, a prize for the best paper in the category of student paper is going to be awarded at GNP 2022.


The presentations will be made either orally (MS PowerPoint) or by the poster. Authors should choose the presentation method during the paper submission. Further instructions on oral presentation duration and poster size will be available after 15 February 2022. Poster preparation and printing is the duty of authors, who should come to the Conference with the printed poster, ready to be exhibited. Oral presentations will be provided with the appropriate time for discussion.