The area of the municipality of Kolašin mostly stretches in the middle part of the Republic of Montenegro, in middle and upper flows of rivers Tara and Morača, on total surface of 900 km2. There are about 12.000 citizens in this municipality. Kolašin, the centre of the municipality, has about 6.000 citizens. 

Good geographical position of Kolašin is seen in its great connection with the rest of Montenegro. Kolašin is one hour away of ride by car (70 km) through the canyon Platije from the capital city Podgorica, in the south. Towards the north, to the border with Serbia it takes about 1h 30min of ride (65 km) to border crossing Dobrakovo or 2h 15min of ride (110 km) to border crossing Dračenovac. Railway of the greatest importance for this region (Belgrade-Bar) goes through Kolašin, connecting it with the Adriatic Sea. 

Distances from Montenegrin airports: Podgorica airport – 80 km, Tivat airport – 150 km. The closest airports out of Montenegro are Dubrovnik, Croatia and Tirana, Albania, both around 220 km away. 

Kolašin is 300km away from Skopje, 400 km away from Belgrade, as it is from Sarajevo, 740 km from Zagreb, 950 km from Ljubljana.


Various forms of relief make this area one of the most picturesque and most beautiful in this part of Balkan Peninsula. Mountain crags of Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, Ključ, Kapa Moračka etc stretch over this area. These are the mountains which abound in richness and diversity of surfaces, above which appear summits mostly above 2.000 meters of height. Rivers Tara, Morača and their tributaries, mostly of canyon type, took care of the special richness of this area related to nature. River Tara and its canyon are known worldwide for the beauty and uniqueness.

National Park Biogradska gora is a pearl of European natural heritage. Almost the only European rainforest, which surrounds the fantastic Biogradsko Lake, is located in the near proximity of Kolašin. Above the lake, which is 20 km away from Kolašin, at an altitude of 1094 m, raise huge mountain wreaths, which for millenniums have been reflecting in its calm water surface. People say that for a long time under the protection of rulers of these areas, not a single tree has been cut in the National Park Biogradska gora. Today, this natural reservation preserves dozens of plant and hundreds of animal species, which can only be found in this place in entire Europe. 


Kolašin is located at 954 m of altitude and offers excellent vacation in winter as well as in summer. Because of altitude and favourable climate, it is considered to be an air spa. Thanks to its natural predefinition, Kolašin is paradise for winter tourism. There are two ski-centres, Kolašin 1450 ( http://www.kolasin1450.com/en/, https://kolasin.me/kolasin-1450-ski-resort/) and Kolašin 1600 ( https://kolasin.me/kolasin-1600-ski-resort/), far famous for the quality of its service, with modern ski lifts of various types which can take you up to 2035 meters of height above the sea level.

For additional information, please visit https://kolasin.me/en/ and  https://www.visit-montenegro.com/.